Transforming university education with virtual reality

Jutiper University™

Client: University of applied SCIENCES, Constance

Why / Framing

Education today is accessible through all channels, from books to online universities: only one form of new media remains unused: Virtual Reality.

But creating something that has never existed before poses some difficulties.

My roles

  • Art Director
  • Product Designer
  • Experience Designer
  • UI Designer
  • 3D Designer
  • Storyteller
virtual reality aperture closing and opening on user interaction
the clickable aperture with 16 blades controlled by the user

How / Challenge

Oh my God, just everything was challenging! Especially the development of a corporate design or at least a recognizable visual identity with reusable components that are especially useful for coding. And project management with a slightly bigger team.

What / Solution

Together with 3 designers, we have developed a menu interface for the three-dimensional world.

Furthermore, I designed a camera aperture course from idea to creation. Lesson 3 (aperture) at Jutiper™ University teaches you how the aperture behaves, works, and how to use it. To make the experience as realistic as possible, the user can adjust the aperture and focus on a gigantic virtual camera. Three challenges test and consolidate the user's understanding of the functions.

Lastly, I was to create animation templates in Unity for the entire team to use globally.

virtual reality branding and corporate design for jutiper university
Naming and Logo Variations for the Virtual Reality University


The list is so long that it certainly doesn't fit here, but the most important things are:

  • the importance of project management, especially for problems that nobody from the team has tackled so far
  • the value of design systems with reusable elements (especially in Virtual Reality)
  • a deeper understanding of user experience and user guidance in a virtual world

overview of the aperture course in virtual reality university
bird's eye view of the whole aperture course
user interface design in virtual reality with different options
Virtual Reality Menu Interface
Left: different menu options, swipeable
Right: menu information
Bottom: different menu options, pressable

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Transformation of university education with Virtual Reality

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