Connecting an international company through a coherent corporate design

Fox Group

Client: Fox Group, Europe

Why / Framing

Fox Group is a brand new international association of three employment agencies based in Switzerland which brings together employers and employees.

My roles

  • Creative Director
  • Art Director
  • Brand Strategist
  • Corporate Designer
  • UX Designer
  • Web Designer
different website screen mockups for international company
different websites for the branches on mobile and desktop

How / Challenge

Developing a coherent corporate design with high recognizability but immediate differentiation of the individual sub-companies / specializations suiting for B2B and B2C business.

As is sometimes the case, the customer had time pressure, which is why the first printed matter had to be printed within 4 weeks.

What / Solution

Development of a cross-company corporate design including color scheme, image scheme, and visual language (with the help of an illustrator), which allows the differentiation of the three specializations with the prospect of further branches in the future. Deliverables were three websites, three flyers, and stationery for the three offices.

Dev-Website Links:

Live Website Links (could be altered by customer):

business card mockup for swiss company
business cards for every employee for all companies


The importance of clear communication to the customer so that no false expectations arise. Further, written confirmation of orders, as well as changes desired by the customer. So that both sides are safe and can point to the written agreement in case of problems.

On the design side, I learned much about holding branding workshops and helping the client gain clarity about the vision of the company. Also, art directing an illustrator, writer, and other freelance designers was an enriching experience.

flyer mockup in three different versions for the corporate design
information flyer for every company, B2B & B2C
roll-up mockup versions with human to show the scale
Roll-Up Banner for trade fairs
vertical logo versions for gastrofox, personalfox and medicalfox
vertical Logo versions
vertical logo Versions for fox group switzerland
horizontal Logo versions
art direction illustration for a corporate design branding
Visuals Art Direction with Illustrator Anne Kaiser

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