Mobile first digital brand building for high-class cosmetic institute

Easy Beauty

Client: Easy Beauty, Rielasingen

Why / Framing

Everyone at Easy Beauty does their best to make customers happy and ensure a satisfying experience: Customer satisfaction is Easy Beauty's top priority. The team always strives to help people to maximize their inner beauty.

Over the years, the corporate design has become increasingly more precise and more adapted, and the result is a halfway clear picture in terms of effect and message. In many places, there is still a lack of strength and convincing quality in the visual implementation of advertising materials.

My roles

  • Creative Director
  • Art Director
  • Brand Strategist
  • Corporate Designer
  • UX Designer
  • Web Designer
easy beauty enCurve poster with mockup items
poster for an enCurve Body Contouring advertisement

How / Challenge

Make it easier for customers to find the right treatment for their problems and optimize the website experience specifically for mobile users.

Create a higher conversion rate and for sure increase the bottom line.

What / Solution

Helping the company owners to gain clarity about the identity of the business, analysis of customer surveys, and user analysis of the website for the best possible solution to the problems.
Designing and developing a design manual, creating a »mobile-first« CMS Website, and designing further marketing materials.

Live Website:

easy beauty corporate design colors
Easy Beauty Brand Colors


It was exciting to see how Design Thinking can support completely new perspectives in small companies, with the consequences of significantly improved customer satisfaction and increased revenue.

When a website is designed for small screen sizes, the structural changes of information on larger devices can sometimes vary considerably, resulting in several different layouts and altered information orders.

logo iterations and ideation for beauty studio
Easy Beauty Logo Ideation
easy beauty kosmetikinstitut rielasingen logo / wortmarke
Easy Beauty Wordmark
moodboard for high quality, friendly , professional and simple design with audi,m gerry weben and several apps
Easy Beauty Look & Feel: High Quality, Friendly, Professional, Simple

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