How to create a Corporate Design in four days?


Client: the gärtnerplatz theatre, munich

Why / Framing

dasGærtner is a lively theatre in which performances are always versatile. The same applies to the brand as well. Due to a change of artistic director, a new corporate design is to be created for the Theater Gärtnerplatz in Munich. The new director aims to reach a somewhat younger audience.

In just one week …

My roles

  • Creative Director
  • Art Director
  • Communication Designer
flyer mockup of someone holding a theatre flyer in the hand
flyer for the theatre

How / Challenge

As an experiment, I was to develop a Corporate Design with Visual Language, Typography, Stationary, and a Website. It should be finished in 7 days in total. 4 days of developing the design and 3 days to refine plus create the mockups and print media.

Due to the tight schedule, the work was very intensive, and I worked for about 12-14 hours a day, but nonetheless, it was exciting to see the results at the end of each day.

What / Solution

This corporate design offers enough freedom to fulfill all the requirements of the brand: In all media, at all contact points, for all customer experiences. The manual had to include a logo, typography, color scheme, visual language, and example mockups in different variations.

stationary corporate design mockup for german theatre
stationary including business cards and letter template


As a test, I adapted the Design Sprint for branding. I was surprised by how quickly you get good results! Especially the tight timeframes I set myself for individual tasks were conducive to the creation. With several iterations of this process, I can well imagine that you can achieve just as good a result as if you needed two or three times as long.

website mockup shiwing a macbookwebsite mockup of the website screendesign for das  gärtnerplatztheater münchen
website screen design for dasGaertner website
naming ideation for a corporate design
naming ideations, since the initial name was too long
design iterations and inspiration board / moodboard and stylescapes
the »sexy squid«, searching interesting pieces wich actually match the targeted look & feel of the brand

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