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About Me

Yeah, I shot that Pic :)

Bálint Csizmadia product designer / experience designer from konstanz germany

I'm Bálint,

a Product/Experience Designer who loves to transform complicated tasks into convincing solutions.

When I'm not designing inspiring experiences or planing user flows, you can find me shreddin' the trails with my Canyon Spectral or climbing a mountain.

For me, design means imagining how people should experience products or services and then implementing this vision in such a way that feels intuitive and drives businesses.

My roles

  • Digital Product Designer
  • Experience Designer
  • »Creative Guy«
  • »I will find a solution … somehow« Guy

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My design process:

Design projects are diverse – so is my process. There are different challenges and different solutions. Nevertheless, there are some fundamentals I keep every time which can be broken down into four groups:

  • Understanding
  • Ideating 
  • Testing
  • Crafting

This is not a linear list. Depending on the current project phase, I start with different points and iterating through many rounds.

• Understanding •

Understanding the entire project landscape is crucial for a good result. Knowing what users want or what customers want to sell is simply not enough. It's both together. I like to dig deep into the understanding of what the business outcome should be and what the target audience wants. This gives me a broader, more empathic design approach in the following steps.

• Ideating •

In this phase, it's all about asking some great questions and thinking of possible solutions. There is no such thing as a bad idea. Let it be crazy, annoying, amazing, too loud, too big, or too small. It is just about producing – quantity over quality.

• Testing •

»My friend said she didn't like the color. Make it purple instead.« - Customer

Although it is essential to satisfy my customers, the Testing phase is all about the user. Let the users decide what they actually like and don't like. Testing different versions and iteratively improving them is the key to a good user experience.

• Crafting •

This one is especially fun. Crafting beautiful designs with all those amazingly complicated programs you have to master. Creating entire design systems, defining rules for consistency and pixel-perfect mockups for programming. Not to forget all those funny GIFs on the way.

Some things I'm proud of:

  • started freelancing as a graphic designer while in high school
  • worked with an international client as Brand Designer and Consultant
  • helped a company to create measurably better customer acquisition with a 50% increase in sales
  • developed a Virtual Reality App from idea to the tested product for the city of Constance
  • a deep passion for systematizing and optimizing processes