Product Designer and Consultant

I help create digital products and services in line with human and business needs for mostly FinTech, Healthcare and Blockchain organisations by facilitating workshops, developing business models and delivering high-fidelity, user-tested prototypes.

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The following three skills should give you a good understanding
of what I can help you with.

Design Sprint

Initially developed at Google, the Design Sprint incorporates Design Thinking and Agile ideas to provide a robust framework for fast MVP development. Get from a rough idea/problem to a user-tested high-fidelity prototype in under a week!

Get a validated high-fidelity Prototype in one week
Get your team aligned on your Product Vision
Get a tangible MVP to present to stakeholders

Product Design

Specialized in rapid, high-fidelity prototyping with an 80/20 approach to Visual Design I aim to create digital products and services to work for the business without forgetting the user’s experience and the visual aesthetics.

Efficient product overhaul for UX and UI (80/20)
Developing a scalable Design System for your product
Help advance the skills of your product team

Innovation Workshops

Develop new business ideas or the Value Proposition of your existing offering in customized workshops, including Design Thinking and Sprint methodologies all precisely fitted to the challenges and circumstances you'll face.

Ideating, defining and testing a new Business Model
Helping your team getting more creative and innovative
Sharpening your Value Prop. and crystalizing the USP


While much of my work is confidential and cannot be made public, here are a few projects that demonstrate the challenges I solve.

healthcare • product development

Developing a digital health platform to mitigate video-game addiction

Guiding the whole Product Development from Product Discovery and Ideation to creating a Design System and User testing for an internal project if the Charité Berlin. The product helps video-game addicted adolescents to mitigate their addiction in a semi-gamified way including the parents into the process.


Making risk-assessment understandable in DeFi borrowing and lending

Product Design, Value Proposition refinement and CPO sparring at DeepWork for a DeFi lending/borrowing protocol. Minterest is a crypto lending and borrowing protocol that aims to provide long-term high yield for its customers whilst having various instruments to help them not to lose money through liquidations.

What my clients say

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profile picture of michael zierlein the founder of arryve working in Darmstadt

”It was a pleasure to work with Balint and LEAP during our latest design sprint. Balint was very proactive, emphatic and all in all a very funny dude who’s an expert in his field. The final output was all that we asked for and could be used for the development immediately.

Michael Zierlein / Co-Founder & Geschäftsführer bei arryve GmbH
Profile picture of Clive Lavery is an experience design lead at Moccu in Berlin

”Recently I worked with Bálint on an UX/UI project ... he really gets digital products like our FinTech SaaS. Some of the solutions he came up with surprised me in their simplicity. So working with him is really recommended.“

Clive K. Lavery / Experience Design Lead at Moccu
profile picture of Philipp Schemel, digital banking expert working at Engel & Völkers

Balint has great rapid prototyping skills keeping the business and especially the users always in mind. By doing so he is also questioning value propositions and is coming up with strategic product solutions in order to achieve the maximum for both - the business and the customer.

Philipp Schemel / Digital Banking Expert

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